Welcome to the BASIC4GL Linux project!

Tue 19 June 2007 - Better late than never!

The project has just got back running again, its taken me a while to find my bearings and work out whats lacking from Basic4gl ver2.33. I've decided to continue and fully port version 2.33 before moving up to a version closer to what is available for windows. This way there should be a solid set of ported code to upgrade, instead of having to practically restart again with an updated version. This new version add very little in the way of new code, just two commands: tickcount() and sleep() however the next version offers a bit more! As usual go to the downloads page for the latest release.

Mon 4 Dec 2006 - GLUT replaced by SDL, LoadTexture command added

This new release uses SDL instead of GLUT to initialize an OpenGL enabled window. The commands "LoadTexture" and "LoadMipMapTexture" have also been added using the SDL_image lib.

Mon 27 Nov 2006 - First release of the openGL implementation

To use this version you'll need mesa openGL. For ubuntu user instructions of how to install mesa openGL are available in the documentation section.